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Breitling Jupiter Pilot Navitimer. REF.00682

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Breitling Jupiter Pilot Navitimer. REF.00682

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  • Marca:  Breilting
  • Modelo : Jupiter Pilot Navitimer Chronograph with Box
  • Número: A59028
  • Gênero:  Masculno
  • Características: Movimento Highgrade, quartz,  sofisticado e preciso, alarme. Pilot highgrade functions
  • Caixa: Aço Inox, aprox 42 mm  (sem coroa), resistente a água (100m). rosqueada. Gravado na traseira: Jupiter Pilot Acier Inox Quartz Etanche 100m A59028 Breitling logo 1884  Número série
  • Fundo: Lindo dial Azul com subdials prateados; gravado: Breitling logo 1884 Alarme  Ponteiros com tritium. Janela quadrada para data.
  • Pulseira : Grande, bastante comprimento, modelo Jupiter Pilot, aço inox, tipo auto-ajustavel (fecho de segurança com extensão) da Breitling, gravado e logo
  • Comentários: Seminovo, ótimo estado geral. Minimos sinais de uso na Caixa e pulseira (superficiais). Oportunidade de adquirir um relógio de grande prestígio a um preço muito atraente. Proveniência: Adquirido de colecionador local.
  • AcompanhaCaixa de luxo e sacola de luxo original Breitling (diferencial @webRelogio)


Nota: em caso de envio por correio, nao acompanha o livro nem a sacola         



Excellent Breitling Jupiter Pilot 42mm watch mod A59028. This Breitling made watch dates to 1994/2000, with a quartz high-end calibre movement with several useful professional functions.  





Sophisticated functions, quartz, chronograph, alarm

Case Colour:

Stainless Steel (marked); screwback case; 100m waterproof; marked crown


Bidirectional bezel, several scales and functions

Strap Material:

Stainless steel original Breitling Jupiter band

Country/Region of Manufacture:


Strap Colour:


Year of Manufacture:


Case Size:

42 mm without crown


Classic Blue with silver dials, very nice condition


Breitling original Box included. Few signals of use, only very superficial scratches. Provenance: local collector. Ref price from USD 2.000/4.000


Additional Info:


The 'Jupiter' was introduced in 1980 by Breitling in the year following the take-over of the company by Mr Ernest Schneider. Along with the closely related 'Mars' and 'Pluton' chronographs, the Jupiter was designed for military pilots but also with an eye on the civilian aviation market. 
At this time, all Breitling pilot's watches were considered part of the 'Navitimer' range and the Jupiter was named 'NAVITIMER QUARTZ 2300' on the dial. It has a non-ratcheted combination bezel comprising a circular slide-rule (Type 52 derived from the Navitimer ref 806) and a wind-rose (compass degrees) scale. Between the these two scales are flight levels in two colours for VFR/IFR and East/West flight separation. 
The dial has a white Breitling wings logo, the design of which was heavily influenced by the logo of the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots' Association). During the early to mid-1980s the Jupiter was produced for middle-eastern air forces. The Algerian Air Force version has the AAF wings, "ALGERIAN AIR FORCE" and "BREITLING NAVITIMER" on the dial. The Iranian military version has the usual Breitling wings with a Farsi (Persian language) inscription. The Iraqi Air Force version has the Iraqi AF wings on the dial and a special inscription on the case back. Although sharing a movement with the Pluton and having the same functions, the Jupiter ref 80972 is listed more expensive. The Pluton does not have an E6-B pilot's slide rule.
1992/3/4 up to 1998
During 1992 the profile of the case by the lugs is softened with a slight rounding to match a new bracelet design (Jupiter Pilot) and the model reference is changed to A59028. It has a fold-out extension piece so the watch can be worn over a flight suit. The sub-registers of the blue dial are now silvered as with the black dial. By late 1994 the ref A59028 had a new dial and hands. The word "QUARTZ" on the dial was replaced with "ALARM" (or the German "ALARME" or French "REVEIL"). Date window was now squared. The hands were revised with the luminous compound (tritium) divided into sections and the red part of the second hand now at the tip.


OPERATION. There are three subdials at 2,6 and 9:
2) dual function, shows: 2/100th secs for the first 3 minutes of timing & minutes to go during count-down
6) Minutes during timing
10) Hours during timing
Then, working inward from the bezel, there are four scales:  Two on the rotating bezel - a compass rose and the slide-rule A scale; two on the dial - the slide-rule B scale and a 0-100 scale.  Like most "E6B" slide-rule watches, the B scale has '60' positioned at the top, unlike the real E6B flight computer, which has '10' at the top. The dial is completed by a small date window at 4, the Breitling stuff at 12, and the word 'reveil' which is French for 'alarm'.  Earlier models had 'Quartz' in the same location - perhaps Breitling thought that was a little too obvious, what with the seconds hand clanking around the dial at once per second as quartz's do.
Basically, this watch works in two modes, selected by the button @8.   Pushing this button alternates between normal mode and timing (chrono) mode.  In normal mode, unlike most mechanical chronographs, the sweep seconds hand works all the time.  Push the button, and the seconds hand zooms round the dial to the zero (top) and waits, ready to start timing.  Push again, and the sweep seconds "catches up" to where it should be in normal time! While in normal mode, the countdown timer can be used.  it displays on the sub-dial @2 - the button @10 is used to preset the timer from a max of 50 to a minimum of 1 minute.  The hand goes forward at 1-minute intervals and the time-to-go is indicated on the inner scale of the subdial; when there are 50 seconds left to go, the hand advances in 1-second intervals until done and the watch beeps for 10 seconds. While in timing mode, the button @2 starts and stops the timing, and the button @10 resets the hands.  While timing, the sweep seconds hand displays elapsed seconds just like a mechanical chrono.
The watch also has a single alarm function, which is activated by pulling out the hidden button @3.  When this button is out, the alarm time can be checked or set by manipulating the crown @4.
The Scales The Compass Rose looks pretty, but I can't conceive of a regular use for it.  About the only way it would work, unless you're actually flying a plane, is to point the hour hand at the sun and position S between the hour hand and 12.  At that time, the compass would be accurate to within, say, 5-20 degs.
The slide-rule scales are reasonably legible and the bezel rotates very smoothly indeed.  There is, however, a lack of useful marks on the scales, compared to other "flight computer" watches - only enough to convert between nautical miles, statute miles and kilometers.  The mark for kilometers (just right of "MPH") is not even labelled.  There is also a mystery mark at 36 between "NAUT" and "STAT".  It's use is to convert between hours and minut




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