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Caneta Montblanc JFK John Fitzgerald KENNEDY Ballpoint pen Great Characters Limited Edition. REF.00905

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Caneta Montblanc JFK John Fitzgerald KENNEDY Ballpoint pen Great Characters Limited Edition. REF.00905

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  • Marca: Montblanc
  • ModeloJFK John Fitzgerald KENNEDY Great Characters Ballpoint Pen Limited Edition
  • Número: Sim
  • Gênero: Masculino/Unisex
  • Características: Caneta Montblanc edição limitada, da famosa serie Grandes Caracteres, material metal platinado, laca, texturas e cores remetendo ao Famoso presidente americano.
    Autêntico MontBlanc. Sem rachaduras, arranhões ou marcas de uso. Sistema: refill Montblanc
  • Caixa: Não
  • Fundo:
  • Pulseira : 
  • Comentários:  Perfeito estado (sem ressalvas, virtualmente sem uso). Edição especial de colecionador (vide informaçoes adicionais). Ótimo presente. Grande oportunidade (item raro, preços subindo no Mercado internacional). Proveniência: colecionador local. Preço de Referência: USD  $ 3.000 - 5000 (ball point) – USD $ 9.000 (set ballpoint + fountain pen) – USD $ 21.000   (set Ballpoint, fountain and Rollerballs)
  • Acompanha : Sacola protetora de veludo, sacola de luxo. 


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MONTBLANC John Fitzgerald KENNEDY (JFK) 1917 Ballpoint Great Characters Limited Edition


Montblanc ballpoint pen in blue, red, white luxury lacquer and outstanding texture . Montblanc has some incredible special edition instruments, and this Great Characters JFK model has become sought-after favourites.

Authentic Mont Blanc Pen with serial number engraved (only 1917 pens were made worldwide). No cracks, scratches, dings
Engraving: #XXX/1917 – (serial number) – A TIME FOR GREATNESS – Also JFK at cap´s arrow.

Platinum-plated fittings; Red, White and Blue luxurious lacquer. Cap and barrel feature a rope pattern under the lacquer (lovely texture). Montblanc Quartz Star.


Additional Information: Ref. 111635; Mod. M28823

Limited Editon, from year from 2014/15

Virtually Unused condition, fully working, no signs of wear.

Provenance: Local collector. Made in Germany. 100% authentic.

It comes com velvet pouch and luxury bag (bag not included in case of mail shipping).

Reference price: around USD $ 3.000 - 5000 (ball point) – USD $ 9.000 (set ballpoint + fountain pen) – USD $ 21.000  (set Ballpoint, fountain and Rollerball) – USD 58.000 (pen version in gold). Also available a version of authentic moon stone.

Please see pictures for additional description.




With a limitation number referring to his birth year, the John F. Kennedy Limited Edition 1917 displays design elements inspired by his private life. The red, white and blue colour scheme reflects the traditional colours of sailing. 

The rope pattern under the lacquer on the cap and barrel underscore the passion for sailing that started as a boy.  

The three rings represent his three brothers, while the 10 marks on the cap top and cone reference 10 Kennedy family members, namely, John F. Kennedy's parents and their eight children. 

The inspirational motto central to his presidential campaign *A Time For Greatness* is engraved on the cap ring, while the iconic JFK is placed on the clip. 

The writing instrument is crowned with the Montblanc emblem in moon quartz, reflecting his vision to get a man to the moon. 

This Artisan Limited Edition is a tribute to an American icon and one of the most revered figures of modern history.

Important: From a Collector’s point of view the “Great Characters” Line is one of the most enjoyable Category. GC line is increasing its popularity year after year. Many top MB Collectors decided to invest on this specific series (both regular and Artisan) making it the “nerve centre” of their Collection.


About Montblanc pens:


What is one thing that Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II and Johnny Depp all have in common? They have all been spotted with a Montblanc Meisterstück. This iconic fountain pen has become the meaningful companion of generations of scholars and scientists, poets and artists, statesmen and industry leaders alike. The heart-shaped nib in solid 18k gold transforms this simple tool into a superbly fashioned instrument. Each one is hand-sculpted by highly skilled artisans in 35 delicate steps, before the additional 70 steps to assemble and test the finished piece. Made with passion at Montblanc headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, the Meisterstück, which means masterpiece is German, is an emblem of the Maison’s ongoing commitment to tell the stories of the past, present and future.








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