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Lanco Chronograph Valjoux Tachymetre Telemetre. REF.00796

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Lanco Chronograph Valjoux Tachymetre Telemetre. REF.00796

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  • Marca: Lanco
  • Modelo : Chronograph Valjoux Tachymetre Telemetre
  • Número: Não fornecido 
  • Gênero: Masculino
  • Características: Original Lanco Valjoux, high-end mecânico manual ref.7733, impecável. Relógio 100% original, vintage dos anos 70, novo de estoque, swiss made. Um Clássico.
  • Caixa: Com acabamento original polido (lateral) e escovado na frente, medindo 39,5mm x 43mm sem a coroa. Resistente à água; Gravado- Swiss Made - Water Resistant- Stainless Steel Back - Antimagnetic. Traseira rosqueada. Com acabamento original polido (lateral) e escovado na frente
  • Fundo: Panda dial, Mostrador Branco prateado, Cristal de acrilico, batons prateados (lindo contraste), sub-dials do cronografo Azul,  ponteiro de segundos vermelho e de horas e minutos luminosos. Inscrições: LANCO Logo – Swiss – 17 jewels - Incabloc - Swiss Made
  • Pulseira : Couro preta, nova.
  • Comentários: Oportunidade de aquisição de um clássico (ótimo estado, com poucos sinais de uso). Proveniente do dono original. Nunca foi usado, ficou guardado por todos esses anos, ainda com o plástico na tampa traseira. Revisado profissionalmente. 
  • AcompanhaCaixa de luxo não original.


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Description: Lanco Panda Chronograph Valjoux Tachimeter Telemeter, 1970s New Old Stock; fantastic classic, original owner never used. Plexiglass, Red Seconds hand, fantastic blue sub-dials. Exquisite dial and scale (black and red) highly legible and presented in a very handsome form. Provenance: original owner, never used, with few signs due storage only (not noticeable). New leather band. Professionally preserved and revised.



Basic Info 

Listing number  







Valjoux 7733

Case material 

Nickel Chromium and Stainless Steel.


Case with original awesome  finishing, polished (side) and brushed (front)



Bracelet material





New Old Stock NOS


Men's watch


Brazil, São Paulo



Mechanical hand-wound

Number of jewels



Case material

Nickel Chromium and SS

Case diameter

39,5 mm




Silvered white

Dial numerals

Silvered battons


Bracelet material


Bracelet color




Clasp material


Box  not original , new old stock, still with caseback plastic, new band, non noticeable signs of storage. Provenance: Original Owner/reseller 




Langendorf Watch Company was a Swiss watchmaker known for its fine craftsmanship and great attention to detail. Around 1890, it was probably the largest producer of watches in the world. The company produced watches in Langendorf, Switzerland for exactly a century, from 1873 to 1973.

The most famous brand of the company was Lanco that was launched as a brand name in the late 1950s. The brand was discontinued in the late 1960s, and revived again from 1971 to around 1980.

Colonel Johann Viktor Kottmann (1822–1881) founded Uhrenfabrik Langendorf SA in 1873. The factory remained in the hands of his family until 1964.

The factory began organizing housing and training of their workers, and it gained a reputation for being socially responsible. It built schools, a hydrant system and financed the installation of electric lights in Langendorf. The Kottmann family also founded a society for community work that is still active.

All major watch producing companies from the Neuchâtel area were ordering parts and ebauches from Langendorf Watch Company whose workforce grew to around 1.000 by 1890. During that era, the factory was probably the largest watch producer in the world.

In 1965, the Langendorf Watch Company was bought by "Société Suisse pour l'Industrie Horlogère SA" (SSIH) which was itself the result of a 1930 merger between Omega and Tissot. Along with the Langendorf Watch Company, SSIH acquired more than fifty of its competitors, fueled by its newfound commercial success.

The Langendorf Watch Company was attractive for the Lanco brand and its highly sophisticated and semi-automated production line with modern manufacturing equipment. With the acquisition, SSIH managed to broaden its product range and got the machinery needed to produce quality products at a lower cost than before. Although SSIH was Switzerland's largest and the world's third largest producer of watches, the company suffered due to heavy competition. It went on to merge with ASUAG into SSIH/ASUAG Holding Company in 1983 – which was renamed SMH in 1986 and in 1988 became The Swatch Group.


From 1890, the main brand of the Langendorf Watch Company was "Langendorf", but the company produced watches and parts that were sold under many other brand names such as Aliada, Barracuda, Carex, Cavalier, Lancet, Stratford, Valogene and the most rare Piquette with AMKO branded movements.

Many of the watches were produced for export, and in order to avoid paying duties, many were cased inside the importing country, including the USA where Langendorf watches were imported by American Swiss Watch Company from the beginning of the 20th century. The latter was reported out of business as of 1915.

During World War I and World War II, the Langendorf Watch Company was renowned for producing military and pilot watches of good quality for servicemen. There's an early wrist watch developed for World War I infantry officers to use in trenches. The 9XX movements from the 1930s and 1940s were very smooth running and were also used in army watches.

Many movements from the 1950s and 1960s have 12 or 13 lined movements, the "qualité exceptionelle" in chronometer standards. Lanco pocket watches are also of very good quality.

Watches bearing the "Lanco" brand were being manufactured and sold in the middle 1950s. The brand soon became successful and known for fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Lanco watches are still considered to be of very high quality, and they are traded today as vintage watches.

A number of Lanco watches are famous, such as the "Flying Saucer" or the "Lanco-Fon", a manual-wound watch with an alarm function that was released in the 1960s.

When Lanco was revived in the 1970s, more variety was added to the product line. It became a brand with room for innovation and experimentation, including into digital watches. Many of the 1970s watches were relatively large sized for their time and this makes them sought-after today. Watches from the 1970s are also still quite popular.

After 1973, a number of movements from other suppliers were used for Lanco chronographs, the most famous calibers stemming from Valjoux and Angelus. A Lanco watch with the futuristic Tissot Astrolon movement (caliber 2250) was also produced in the 1970s.



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