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Mortima Super Datomatic dive. REF.00516

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Mortima Super Datomatic dive. REF.00516

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  • Marca: Mortima
  • Modelo : Vintage
  • Número: Masculino
  • Gênero: Movimento automático SuperDatomatic, 21 rubis, original com data, revisado, 100%.
  • Caixa: Aço inoxidável medindo 40mm sem a coroa e 41,5mm incluindo a coroa. Antimagnético- Impermeável- 5ATM.
  • Fundo: Lindo mostrador azul ardósia com marcadores de horas luminosas e uma escala de 24 horas. Discagem assinada Mortima 21 Jóias - SuperDatomatic - Impermeável 100%. Este mostrador apresenta o clássico Mortima galo emblema, bem como data janela às 3 horas com roda data vermelha. Este modelo apresenta grandes, altamente visíveis mãos de flecha larga, que teria sido incrível para mergulhar por volta da década de 70.
  • Pulseira : Couro preto italiano com costura branca.
  • Comentários: seminovo, ítem exclusivo. Retrô do fabricante clássico Mortima.
  • Acompanha:  Caixa de luxo não original



Retro diver from the  classic manufacturer Mortima. This features a very large, modern size case, but with the awesome vintgage touches that one looks for in an old diver: patina lume, red date wheel, acrylic domed crystal, and big broad arrow hands. This  comes on a new, quality black italian leather strap with white stitching.


Case measures 40mm wide without the crown, 41.5mm with crown and nice crown guards. Case body has nice, thick and sharpe chrome plating, with only one wear area on the lower right lug (almost not visible). Caseback is stainless steel, marked: Stainless Steel Back - Antimagnetic - Waterproof - 5ATM.

This watch features a fully functional, bi-directional roating bezel, classically black. Case measuer 46mm lug to lug, and has a lug width of 20mm.


Gorgeous slate blue dial with luminous hour markers at all the hours, and an inner 24 hour scale. Dial signed: Mortima - 21 Jewels - SuperDatomatic - Waterproof 100%. This dial features the classic Mortima rooster emblem, as well date window at 3 o'clock with red date wheel. This model features great, highly visible broad arrow hands, that would have been awesome for dive back in the 70's.



The history of the Mortima watch brand

..."Mortima is together with Sicura one of the most important brands if you are interested in every man’s and affordable watches from the 1960s and 1970s. Mortima was a french brand from company ”Cattin & Cie” in Morteau. The city of Morteau is located in east France very near the Swiss border and the famous watch valley La Chaux-de-Fonds. Morteau itself has a rich history of watchmaking dating back to 1750 and today is home to a watch museum. The name ”Mortima” was probably inspired by the city name ”Morteau” and the english word ”time”

One person is key in the history of Mortima: Césaire Émile Cattin. Émile Cattin was born in Morteau in 1904 and was only 25 years old when he founded his watch company ”Cattin".

Inhouse movements: An important reason for the success of Mortima was that Cattin & Cie produced their own movements. In fact Cattin & Cie were one of the few watch companies that could produce almost everything inhouse, movements, watch cases and dials and assemble the watches.  

The Mortima waterproof watches could be recognized by the iconic diver engraved on the backcase. This image can be found on watches from many, many different brands. Cattin & Cie was very popular as a subcontractor, They produced watches according to the clients wishes. Sometimes it was just a matter of rebranding existing Mortima models. In the 1970s, as can be seen from this list, watch cases, dials, bezels and movements from different producers were mixed and matched in endless variations.

The end
Probably because Mortima in time produced a quartz movement they survived the crisis in the 1970s that was the end for many other low-end brands. But Emile Cattin died in 1979. And in 1988 the company and the brand Mortima were sold to Kiplè, also located in Morteau. Kiplè had also taken over the other famous French watch brand LIP in 1984.
Adicionar específico para o modelo datomatic:

The large Mortima divers watches.

In the 1970s Mortima made a range of large dive watches with a width of 42 mm or larger. They mainly differ through the shape of the watch case. The dials are almost the same - black or blue with green painted hour markers, all cases are plated base metal and they are all powered by the Cattin C66 movement with date.
The divers were often labelled "SuperDatomatic" which is fun as the C66 movement is hand wound and not an automatic.
On the crystal most of the models has a small magnifying glass over the date - probably inspired by the Rolex cyclop on the Submariner. Following the fashion in the 1970s the watches have cases with hidden lugs. 
The ultimate list of wearable, desirable, contemporary-sized Mortima’s.





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