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Patek Philippe Gondolo Pocket Bolso Guilloche Gold 18k 56mm. REF.00784

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 Patek Philippe Gondolo Pocket Bolso Guilloche Gold 18k 56mm. REF.00784

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  • Marca: Patek Philippe
  • Modelo: Gondolo Pocket Bolso Guilloche Gold 18k 56mm
  • Número: Sim (movimento e caixa)
  • Gênero:  Masculino
  • Características: Peça de colecionador, ano 1904 funcionamento perfeito, com documento da Patek Philippe e Caixa vintage. Caixa grande, com a rara Inscriçao “Chronometro Gondolo” na parte superior.
  • Caixa: Grande (aprox. 56 mm) , ouro rose 18 quilates (18k), importante  trabalho diferenciado (decoração guilloche) na traseira do relógio; com a inscrição gravada em várias partes;  fundo traseiro guilloche ( desenho decorativo ). Todas as partes encaixando perfeitamente , tampa abre a 90 graus; totalmente original. 
  • Fundo: Original enamel branco, números romanos (I – XII)  e escala 5-60  (mais raro!), com subdivisões,  com inscrições em preto, ponteiro separado de segundos (subdial, escala 10-60seg). Ponteiros em Ouro. Inscrito Patek Philippe &  Cie Geneve Chronometro Gondolo; cristal em excelente condição. Com os tradicionais e elegantes marcadores  Gondolo & Labouriau na parte interna.
  • Comentários: Relógio de 1904,  em ótimo estado, de colecionador, caixa diferenciada com desenho guilloche. Completo com documento. Trata-se de relógio cada vez mais cobiçado, agora que o mercado internacional – inclusive asiático – estão mostrando interesse nas poucas peças disponíveis. Assinado “Chronometro Gondolo” na parte superior logo abaixo do numeral XII (diferenciado, pois normalente vem assinado junto do dial de segundos). Um pequeno dente na parte inferior da traseira, praticamente imperceptivel. Revisado profissionalmente, funcionamento excelente.
  • Acompanha : (outro diferencial da webRelogio) 

- livro catálogo PP

- certificado de originilidade PP

- caixa vintage não assinada

- saco protetor assinado PP em dourado (couro camurça swede)

- sacola de luxo

- brinde especial


           Nota:  No caso de envio pelo correio, itens como livro e sacola nao acompanham. As fotos são parte da descrição.     








Nice condition, large case (approx. 56 mm). Chronometro Gondolo. Massive light rose Gold 18k.Open-face, bassine style, gold 18k. Remark: Guilloche case back. Manufactured: 1904 (documented). Enamel dial, Roman numerals, black minute figures, subsidiary seconds dial, gold hands. Movement 21”, lever escapement. Important differentiator: this specific Gondolo Pocket watch is signed  “Chronometro Gondolo” in the dial just above “Patek Philippe & Cie Geneve”, near XII numeral (Normally is signed over the seconds dial). Professionally revised, running strongly. Really small dent in the inferior case back (not quite visible).


-Certificate of originality PP

-Vintage pocket box not signed

-PP protective pouch (swede) signed in gold

-special gift


 NOTE: Guilloche is a decorative technique in which a very precise, intricate and repetitive pattern is mechanically engraved into an underlying material via engine turning (a rose engine lathe). The photos are part of the description.


Additional Information:


"...The most successful brand at big auctions Among watch connoisseurs Patek Philippe is regarded as the leading brand, not least because of the tradition of the company and continuously delivered horological peak performances, for instance in the area of complications. Characteristic of this are the many inventions that have affected the fine watchmaking. From 1845 (modern crown winding) until 1996 (annual calendar) Patek Philippe has been awarded over 70 patents.The watches are not only sold as a consumer items, but also as investments with a very high stability of value. How coveted such highly complicated watches of this renowned manufacturer are, is unmistakably reflected in the auction results: A model chronograph perpetual calendar from 1944 in  steel reached on 12 November 2016 in Geneva a price of more than 11 million USD and so holds the record for the most expensive wristwatch auctioned. The 20 most expensive wristwatches in the world that were ever sold at an auction come exclusively from the house of Patek Philippe, several pocket watches in this list..."Chronometro Gondolo is one of the most valuable among the collectors


Watches made for GONDOLO & LABOURIAU, Rio-de-Janeiro (1900-1930) 
Gondolo’s stratagem in Brazil  

Patek Philippe was one of the first watchmaking firms to enjoy business relations with the United States, dating from 1851 (Queen Victoria PP watch), when it signed an exclusive agreement with Tiffany & Co. New York. The founders’ letters, carefully preserved in Patek Philippe’s archives, are a fascinating record of the perils to which the traveller was exposed at that time. The firm had been present in Latin America since the 1870’s, but sales in this market really took off towards the end of the nineteenth century, when business relations began with distributors Gondolo & Labouriau, in Rio de Janeiro. Carlos Gondolo and his partner, Paulo Labouriau, had devised an ingenious sales method. This consisted of a buyers’ club for 180 watch enthusiasts. The first week, the members paid ten dollars a week and then drew lots, with the winner acquiring a Patek Philippe. The timepiece in question was the celebrated Chronometro Gondolo, a calibre specially created for Gondolo and found in no other Patek Philippe timepiece. The second week, the remaining 179 members again paid ten dollars, and so on until the seventy-ninth week, when all the remaining members, each of whom had paid 790 dollars, received a Patek Philippe watch. Besides being a huge success with businessmen, who found this method of buying by lottery amusing, the club enabled the Brazilian distributor to sell 180 Patek Philippe timepieces in less than two years. © La Tribune des Arts présente en exclusivité le Patek Philippe Museum Chronometro Gondolo Patek, Philippe & Co, the Geneva watch manufactory produced specific watches named “Chronometro Gondolo” for its Brazilian retailer Gondolo & Labouriau, in Rio-de-Janeiro, between 1902 and the early 30’s. The trade name “Chronometro Gondolo” was registered at 8 o’clock on March 10, 1902 under the N° 14’401. The “Chronometro Gondolo” was manufactured with a range of watch-cases (in gold, in silver or in niello silver), dials (divided in 12 or 24 hours) and hands. The movement diameters varied between 10 to 22’’’ (lines, a unit of measurement used for indicating the size of the movement. A line is equivalent to 2.256 mm) giving rise to cases from 32 to 57 mm in size. The “Chronometro Gondolo” movements had to incorporate the following technical features to meet the latter’s requirements: - An “ébauche” (blank movement) based on a patented design by Adrien Philippe (US Patent N° 20’483 of January 13, 1891) equipped with transmission and ratchet-wheels of the mainspring barrel arbor (winding wheels) with “wolf’s teeth” toothing. The mainspring barrel arbor was built with a square indentation for releasing (unwinding) the barrel spring. - A wheel train in 9 carat gold.- A straight line lever escapement “à moustaches” (“with moustaches” refers to an equilibrated lever) with a cut bimetallic balance and a Breguet balance spring. - A minimum of 18 jewels (18, 19, 20 or 21).- A spiral-shaped eccentric, allowing precision regulation for fast and slow, an improved version of Adrien Philippe’s French « precision regulator » (Patent, N° 142’376, from April 16, 1881). A selection of the watches were designed to be fitted with centre-seconds or chronograph mechanisms. Patek Philippe never produced other watches with gold trains of wheels; but during the second half of the 19th century, they did produce a considerable amount of movements with gold wheels. Wristwatches appeared in the 1920’s and were presented in different case shapes, ranging from round, square and rectangular to “tonneau“ and “cushion“. Extra-flat “cushion”-shaped Art Deco” 




What else happened in 1904?

The third Modern Olympic Games opens in St. Louis, Missouri, USA as part of the World's Fair.

The International Federation of Association Football, FIFA, is established.

For $10 million, the United States gains control of the Panama Canal Zone.

Republic Theodore Roosevelt won Unites States election.

In New York City, the first New Year's Eve celebration is held in Times Square.






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