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Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse. REF.00272

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 Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse. REF.00272

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  • Marca: Patek Philippe
  • Modelo: Golden  Ellipse 18K
  • Número: 3548
  • Gênero: Unisex
  • Características:  Movimento mecânico manual calibre PP , segundos separados; trata-se de importante movimento PP, Selo de Geneva, decorado, com características importantes ,também usado em alguns modelos Calatrava, GondoloFamoso Ref. 23-300 manual wind – 18 jewels – Adjusted to Heat & Cold – Isochonism 5 positions – Selo de Geneva
  • Caixa: Ouro amarelo 18K, forma oval ( elíptica ), medindo 27x32 mm sem a coroa. 
  • Fundo:  Cor Cinza (antracito) com reflexos azulados (lindo), com apliques/divisões em ouro (gold dots) , ponteiros Gold Dauphine, cristal de safira
  • Pulseira:  Original croco PP marron, com a fivela exclusiva Elipse ouro 18k PP; acompanha segunda pulseira couro preta (essa não original).
  • Comentários:  Seminovo,  modelo clássico e elegante, mecânico, revisado.
  • Acompanha  Caixa Patek Philippe e Certificado de Autenticidade da PP, confirmando  o número da caixa e o número da movimento
    (ano 1970) .Modelo moderno. Adquirido nos Estados Unidos, com cópia da nota de aquisição,



 Marrying ancient and modern

 With its divine proportions, the case of the Golden Ellipse, launched in 1968, has no doubt inspired one of the most beautiful chapters of horological history. Thanks to its unique blend of bold simplicity and formal purity, this watch has become one of the flagships of the Patek Philippe collection and most certainly one of its most instantly recognizable creations.

 The elliptical design is based on the golden section, a ratio discovered more than two thousand years ago. It has intrigued philosophers and artists alike and is spontaneously perceived as visually agreeable and perfectly balanced.



"...The most successful brand at big auctions 

Among watch connoisseurs Patek Philippe is regarded as the leading brand, not least because of the tradition of the company and continuously delivered horological peak performances, for instance in the area of complications. Characteristic of this are the many inventions that have affected the fine watchmaking. From 1845 (modern crown winding) until 1996 (annual calendar) Patek Philippe has been awarded over 70 patents.

The watches are not only sold as a consumer items, but also as investments with a very high stability of value. How coveted such highly complicated watches of this renowned manufacturer are, is unmistakably reflected in the auction results: A model chronograph perpetual calendar from 1944 in  steel reached on 12 November 2016 in Geneva a price of more than 11 million USD and so holds the record for the most expensive wristwatch auctioned. The 20 most expensive wristwatches in the world that were ever sold at an auction come exclusively from the house of Patek Philippe, several pocket watches in this list..."


The Golden Ellipse collection, as quoted by Patek (as seen on its current website):


“Perfect harmony. An elliptical case, between a circle and a rectangle. A dial in gold, with  hands and hour markers floating over its depths. When it first appeared in 1968, Patek Philippe’s Golden Ellipse was a bold departure from traditional watch shapes. But far from bowing to fashion, this innovative watch had a sense of inner harmony that was very pleasing to the eye. Its design was inspired by the principle of the “golden section” discovered by the ancient Greek mathematicians. This “divine” proportion, expressed as a ratio of 1 / 1.6181, forms the basis of some of history’s greatest works of art and architecture.”



Additional Information:


Movement/Mechanism: Extra Rare Authentic Patek Philippe Movement Calibre 23-300, hand wound, 18 Jewels, Breguet Hairspring, Gold Giromax Balance. Calibre 23-300  is a respected small, thin manual movement. As the name implies, Cal. 23-300 is 23 mm (10 lignes)  in diameter and 3 mm tall. This compact size made it ideal for the popular Calatrava and similar Patek watches from the period.

Cal. 23-300 is classic in layout, with a barrel bridge covering the ratchet and crown wheel, a curved center wheel bridge, and separate cocks for the fourth and escape wheel. It was derived from the preceding movements but with many modifications. 

It is notable in that it is equipped with both an overcoil hairspring  and a free-spring Gyromax balance, a combination not found in any other 10 ligne Patek Philippe movement. This movement is greatly respected today, with many saying it is one of the best hand-wound movements ever produced by Patek Philippe. It is said it "represents both the technical and artistic peak of Patek's 10 ligne handwinds, as the 27-AM-400 was the peak of their 12 lignes”.

About the watch: Patek Philippe launched the Golden Ellipse range in 1968, but the origins of the case shape go back to the Golden Ratio.  Mathematicians have been discussing this theory of perfect shapes and spaces since at least ancient Greece.  The design is still available new, with a slightly larger case and automatic movement, although you can only get the blue dial now with the platinum case, for nearly £40,000.  A gold version with a brown dial is available new for £17,000.

The 18k gold case is matched by the 18k Patek Phillippe buckle, that so mimics the case design in its shape.  The buckle is fitted to a used Patek Philippe strap.  At just 6mm thick this time only watch slips under cuffs with ease, and is supremely comfortable to wear.  The manual wind movement is an utter joy to use, connecting the wearer to the movement in a way that automatic watches just don’t.  The watch is signed on the dial, case, movement, crown and buckle.

This watch will be supplied with a Patek Philippe original Box, Patek Philippe’s Extract from the Archives and a copy of the USA invoice (provenance).





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