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Relógio Bolso Montblanc Minerva Precision Ouro Pocket Gold 18k. REF.00880

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Relógio Bolso Montblanc Minerva Precision Ouro Pocket Gold 18k. REF.00880

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  • Marca:   Montblanc
  • Modelo : Minerva Precision Bolso Pocket Ouro Gold 18k
  • Número: Sim
  • Gênero: Masculino
  • Características: Relógio de Ouro maciço, 18k, Movimento mecânico manual sem chave, highgrade (v.fotos), tipo half-hunter com as duas tampas gravadas Minerva e numeradas (18k, 0,750), movimento mesma numeração. Movimento original Minerva, Sofisticado, 18 linhas, highgrade, pontes em aço, balanço Breguet, numerado, etc.
  • CaixaOuro Maciço amarelo, 51mm sem coroa, 12,5mm largura , peso total do relógio aprox. 85 g. Classico, em otimo estado (inicio seculo XX), garantindo a originalidade com a tipica decoração guilloche na tampa traseira. Gravado e numerado nas tampas. Escrito Tambem na tampa interna, ricamente ilustrado, confirmando a qualidade diferenciada: “Minerva – Ancre de Precision Grand Diplome D´honneur (12 medalhas gravadas)”.
    Original Porcelana Branca, assinado Minerva Logo), ponteiro de segundos (0-60), numerais arábicos em preto (1-12), Numerais arábicos em vermelho (13-24), escala adicional 5-60 e marcação  (minutos), ponteiros decorados estilo Spade & Whip,
  • Pulseira : 
  • Comentários: Importante Relógio, classico, original, lindo movimento. Elegante e atemporal;  inclui Caixa Protetora Original Assinada Minerva. Trata-se de relógio mais raro, cada vez mais cobiçado, ótimo investimento devido as  poucas peças disponíveis, com a vantage para investimento (Ouro 18k).. Calibre revisado (com as ressalvas de funcionamento e precisão de peça antiga).  Proveniência: Pertenceu ao pai do último proprietário, portanto esta na família há várias décadas. Acompanha “recibo” do último proprietário confirmando a informação.       
  • Acompanha : Diferenciais @webrelogio. Caixa original. Livro-catálogo. Documento do ultimo proprietario (recibo pessoal). Sacola de luxo.



 Nota: Em caso de envio por correio, nao acompanha o livro nem a sacola. Para melhor avaliação, as fotos são parte da descrição



Minerva Solid 18k Gold Pocket Watch Original Box

Movement high-grade (see photos), balance Breguet, steel bridges; In working condition, recently serviced (consider it as a vintage timepiece). Black & Red numerals Seconds (0-60) sub-dial, Plus Numerals black (1-12) and red (13-24) plus minutes scale (5-60 near bezel)

The great 18” lines movement is in very good visual condition, very beautiful and sophisticated manufacturing. See photos for details. Same number in both covers and movement.

Case with 2 covers, signed 18k, both numbered. Dust Cover signed:

“Minerva – Ancre de Precision Grand Diplome D´honneur (12 richly stamped medals/arms)”.

Guilloche decoration Caseback. Few marks in the case, but general good condition.

Dial in good condition without damages. Nice decorated hands, Spade & Whip style.

Weight: 85 g

Width without bow: 51 mm

Thickness: 12,5 mm

Provenance: Same family, belonged to the father of the last owner. It comes with vintage large original box (signed) and Declaration of previous owner from provenance.

See photos for more details.

Basic Info

Listing number


Reference Number

18k Gold Ancre Precision Pocket Watch



Case material

Solid Gold 18k (half-hunter, 2 covers)

Year of production



Good (Light signs of wear or scratches)

Scope of delivery

original box, owner´s receipt


Men's watch/Unisex


Brazil, São Paulo


Case material

Solid Yellow Gold

Case diameter

51 mm, 18 lines movement

Bezel material

18k Gold


White Enamel

Dial numerals

Arabic Numerals black and red



Guilloché decoration Caseback. Black (1-12) and Red (13-24) numerals dial, subsidiary seconds


Additional Information:

Guilloche is a decorative technique in which a very precise, intricate and repetitive pattern is mechanically engraved into an underlying material via engine turning, which uses a machine of the same name, also called a rose engine lathe. This mechanical technique improved on more time-consuming designs achieved by hand and allowed for greater delicacy, precision, and closeness of line, as well as greater speed.

The term guilloche is also used more generally for repetitive architectural patterns of intersecting or overlapping spirals or other shapes, as used in the Ancient Near East, classical Greece and Rome and neo-classical architecture, and Early Medieval interlace decoration in Anglo-Saxon art and elsewhere. Medieval Cosmatesque stone inlay designs with two ribbons winding around a series of regular central points are very often called guilloche. These central points are often blank, but may contain a figure, such as a rose. These senses are a back-formation from the engraving guilloché, so called because the architectural motifs resemble the designs produced by later guilloché techniques.

The name, as guilloché, is French, dating back at least to the 1770s, and is often said to be called after a French engineer named Guillot, who invented a tool or turning machine.


Montblanc Heritage Line: Minerva More Visible Than Ever.

Montblanc’s parent company Richemont took over Minerva in 2006. This 161-year old company, which has produced watches without interruption in Swiss town of Villeret, was primarily known for its precision pocket watches and chronographs. In the modern era, vintage Minerva chronographs remain revered.

Minerva, became the manufacturer of Montblanc’s highest-end watches, outfitted with full manufacture movements, including the difficult-to-produce balance spring, which hardly another brand (except perhaps Bovet and A. Lange & Söhne) goes to the trouble of doing itself. The hand-finishing on these is also fantastic.

Montblanc hardly changed a detail about Minerva’s factory, keeping the impressive files and drawers full of original parts intact, which makes a visit there infinitely interesting.

“We do high-end watches with the Minerva movement of Montblanc; we speak about our history, which is Minerva. That’s it,” he recently confirmed to me. “This was one of the key ingredients to be able to be doing what you are seeing today.”

This new collection of watches is so inspired by Minerva’s illustrious past that you may only be able to tell which decade they were produced in by taking them in your hands and feeling the weight of modern stainless steel or 18-karat gold cases.

These dials are so exquisite, so finely tuned to the ongoing public love of vintage style, that they are certain to persuade even the staunchest critic to at least try them on. And once they’ve done that, they might well be lost.

Making the Minerva heritage more visible: “When I look at the history of Minerva, something that really struck me was all this exploration of counter and stopwatches that was done for 50 years at the start of the twentieth century . . . it was always an exploration in how to time performance, and at the end what we call the chronograph was born,” Cerrato explains his brand’s preoccupation with chronographs.

“And the chronograph today is clearly the most important and hottest complication in watchmaking. By far.

“So we have all this incredible heritage, which means our knowledge is the one that allowed the history of watchmaking to bring in what is called today,”. “It’s not just how we did a nice chronograph in 1867. No, we have been an active part in creating what is today considered the most iconic complication in watchmaking. It’s huge.”

Cerrato also reminded me that later on in Minerva’s history, these chronographs took on the shape of higher-end movements.









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