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Relógio Tiffany bolso prata Slim. ref.00536

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Relógio Tiffany bolso prata Slim. ref.00536

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  • Marca: Tiffany
  • Modelo :Bolso Art Deco 
  • Número: Não fornecido
  • Gênero:  Masculino
  • Características: Highgrade, Manufatura longines, Estampado Longines Watch Co., 15 jewels (rubis), 3 adjustments. funcionando bem. Peso approx.60g.
  • Caixa: Prata sólida, 44mm, elegante e fina ; diferentes tampas
  • Fundo: Mostrador prata, com patina (desgaste do tempo) porém com efeito "antigo", com elegantes numerais romanos e ponteiros azulados. Sub-dial de segundos (0-60). Clássico
  • Pulseira : 
  • Comentários: Relogio Tiffany de bolso Art Deco prata sólida "slim", linda peça. A tiffany tem grande tradição de relógios  de bolso; próprios e também parcerias com grandes marcas inclusive  com a Patek Philippe; Relogio antigo e sofisticado,  oportunidade para colecionadores ou para um presente diferenciado de bom gosto; item clássico, raro, adquirido de colecionador no Reino Unido.
  • Acompanha
  • Luxuoso livro-catálogo da Tiffany incluindo a história dos relógios da marca 
  • Saco (bag) clássica da Tiffany para proteger o Relogio
    Caixa de papelão pequena com papel de seda da Tiffany para guardar o Relogio 
    Sacola de presente da Tiffany.
  • A corrente (foto) está disponível em outro item, não acompanha o relógio


  • Nota: em caso de envio por correio o livro-catálogo não acompanha 




    Here is beautiful pocket watch by Tiffany & Co. It features a slim solid silver case which measures 44mm in diameter. It has a lovely silver dial and stunning blue hands. The movement is stamped Longines Watch Co, and is marked 15 jewels, 3 adjustments. The watch is ticking strongly and keeping good time.
    The chain is available in another item, does not come with the watch. Weight approx.60g

    Founded in New York City in 1837 as a "stationery and fancy goods emporium", Tiffany & Co. (initially Tiffany, Young & Ellis) began selling watches in 1847.
    In 1853 the nine-foot bronzed statue of Atlas holding a clock above Tiffany’s store at 550 Broadway was one of the first public clocks in New York City soon becoming a landmark and a time reference for many New Yorkers which became used to check their watches against it. The statue followed the move of the main store of the brand, located at Union Square in 1870, then at 401 Fifth Avenue in1905and finally, in 1940, just above the entrance of the iconic flagship at 727 Fifth Avenue. 
    To celebrate this iconic clock, in the 1980s Tiffany & Co. introduced the Atlas wristwatch featuring an hour track of polished Roman-numeral markers in high relief. In 1995, a full Atlas collection, outfitted with the same Roman numeral motif, was born for both men and Women
    In 1854, Tiffany signed an agreement with Patek Philippe becoming the first retailer in America to carry the exclusive timepieces. The special relationship between the two brands continues in our days and Tiffany-dialled Patek Philippe watches are among the most sought after pieces at worldwide auctions.
    Few years later, in 1868, Tiffany introduced what is usually considered as the America’s first chronograph, the split-seconds Tiffany Timer used for engineering and scientific purposes, as well as sporting events.
    In the meanwhile Tiffany had started producing its own timepieces. To meet the increasing demand for sophisticated timepieces from its customers, in 1874 the company built its own factory in Geneva, Place Cornavin.
    In particular, this advanced factory was dedicated to the production of gold pocket watches with advanced movements that chimed the hour and quarter-hour, diamond-encrusted lapel watches and timepieces embellished with enamel dials, floral motifs and fine scrolls engraved in gold.
    The building was later sold to Patek Philippe which continued to produce movements for Tiffany watches at this location.
    Over the years, Tiffany pioneered a number of important watchmaking innovations. The brand was assigned its first patent for watch improvements in 1875, including watch hand settings, anchor escapements and watch regulators.
    In these years Tiffany's excellence was acknowledged in several awards, like the 1889 Paris World’s Fair prize for its American Wild Rose Lapel watch, a diamond and enamel creation by chief designer Paulding Farnham. Tiffany also received medals for watch cases and astronomical clocks at the 1893 Chicago Fair
    By the end of the century, Tiffany had become a world-renowned jeweler and watchmaker with more than one thousand employees and branches in London, Paris and Geneva.
    The company always had a strong commitment to customer service. An example of this special care was the weekly regulation of over 400 clocks in the homes of Tiffany customers after the adoption of standard time in 1883 which followed the decision of the American and Canadian railroads to begin using four continental time zones to end the confusion of dealing with thousands of local times.
    In 1903 Tiffany chief gemologist George Kunz patented a luminescent green paint based on some studies attributed to William J. Hammer who mixed radium with zinc sulfide. Kunz developed a special paint by mixing radium-barium carbonate with zinc sulfide and linseed oil.
    At the beginning of the 20th century, great advances were made in the miniaturization of watch movements. This allowed Tiffany to design highly successful and sought-after wristwatches for Ladies, especially in the Art Deco years (1920s and 1930s).
    Watches and clocks developed in these years and the following ones are still today a sparkling source of inspiration for Tiffany’s designers.
    A watch that retains a special place in Tiffany’s watchmaking history is the gold calendar watch given to U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945 as a birthday gift.



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