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Ruhla Classic Red Maroon. REF.00673

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Ruhla Classic Red Maroon. REF.00673

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  • Marca: Ruhia
  • Modelo :Classic Antimagnetic Red Maroon
  • Número: Não fornecido
  • Gênero:  Masculino
  • Características:  Movimento à quartz (Japanese). Classic Ruhla, ponteiro de segundos laranja destacado; water resistant 100m/330Feet
  • Caixa: Aço inox combinando detalhes escovado (bezel) e polido (Caixa lateral), grande aprox. 40,0 mm diâmetro sem coroa. Resistente à água. Clássico. Traseira inscrito: Stainless Steel Back Electronically Timed
  • Fundo:  Marron avermelhado vintage (red maroon);  escala interna e marcadores tipo baton. Gravado: Ruhla (logo) Antimagnetic Made in DDR
  • Pulseira :  Couro marron avermelhado, nova, genuine leather 
  • Comentários: Excelente estado, inclusive cosmético, funcionamento perfeito, 100% original. Cristal acrílico. Ruhla é uma marca tradicional alemã, veja a informação adicional.  Proveniência: Adquirido na Alemanha.
  • Acompanha : Caixa de luxo não original



Additional Information:

Nice, eye-catching watch Ruhla, with outstanding red maroon dial and matching band, large (40mm) stainless steel case brushed and polished combined, nice orange second hand in contrast with the dial. Dial marked Made in DDR.

Ruhla: The First German watch in Space.

“...As is the case with Glashütte, the name “Ruhla” comes from the name of the town where the watch brand was born. The first recorded mention of this city is in 1355.The beginnings of Ruhla’s watch industry are usually pinned to the year 1862. This is the founding year of the company Gebrüder Thiel GmbH. This company started out with the mass production of door hinges and gradually moved on to producing smaller, finer mechanical components. In 1892 — the world’s first mass manufactured pocket watch.

The development of Ruhla’s first pocket started in the late 1880s and lasted for several years. In 1892 the company Gebrüder Thiel (now lead by the sons of one of the original founders) was ready to mass-manufacture its first pocket watch, the “Fearless”. It was mostly sold on the North American market, where it became a huge success. The design of the Fearless was improved over the years. The models from 1897 could function for up to 30 hours until needing to be wound.

In 1908, the Thiel Factory released their first wristwatches. The world’s first mass-produced wristwatches were also intended to be worn by ladies. It is worth noting that it was fashion, not technology, which was the limiting factor for the spread of wristwatches worldwide.

The triangular pattern, which you see on the back of this early model became the logo of Ruhla watches only in the 1960s. Its three tips represent the three major centres of the German watchmaking industry: Ruhla, Weimar and Glashütte. All three cities are located in relative proximity to one another in Eastern Germany.

Between 1946 and 1952, the Thiel watch factory was under the control of the Soviet state manufacturing conglomerate “Avtovelo”. At first the factory suffered from a severe lack of skilled personnel, as there were only 3 trained watchmakers among the factory’s 1500 employees. In May 1952, ownership of Thiel was returned to the German people and the factory was renamed to Uhren und Maschinenfabrik Ruhla — watch and machine factory Ruhla — or UMF Ruhla for short. In 1963 UMF Ruhla introduced their now-famous “ruhla” logo. The movements created by UMF Ruhla were another popular export item.In 1978 Sigmund Jähn became the first German astronaut. On his mission he carried four Ruhla watches with him. Thus Ruhla watches also became the first German watches in space.

The Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and Germany reunited in 1990. What followed was an abrupt transition from a planned economy to a free market economy.. The last Ruhla watch was produced in 1991. But Ruhla as a brand was re-established later on...”





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