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Sicura by Breilting. REF 00352

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  • Marca: Sicura by Breilting
  • Modelo:  Cardinal Rallye GT, Vintage
  • Número:  Não fornecido
  • Gênero:  Masculino
  • Características:  23 rubis, data, Vacuum tested
  • Caixa:  grande 40mm sem coroa; parte traseira: Sicura, com logo de nadador (diver).
  • Fundo:  Preto, tritium (ainda brilha no escuro). Com 2 bezels, incluindo escala 0-60 e função GMT (cidades)
  • Pulseira : Couro preta
  • Comentários:  seminovo, funcionando perfeitamente.
  • Acompanha  : Acompanha caixa de luxo não original.                                                         



dditional Information:


The history of the Sicura watch brand

“...Sicura is one of the most important brands in the world of large, vintage and affordable watches.

Sicura originated from a company called "Joh. Gobber, Horlogerie" established in 1939. And then supposedly in 1951 the company was listed as "Sicura, Joh. Gobber" and finally the 2 May 1955 the company can be found in the Swiss Handelsregister as "Montres Sicura SA".


Ernest Schneider was born in 1921 and thus was around 40 years old when he took over Sicura. He had been in the Swiss Army since the age of 20 and ended as an officer in the 10th Brigade. Ernest Schneider became the driving force behind Sicura growth and a maker of affordable watches that followed the latest trends. The watch cases were often brass plated metal with standard pin-lever movements to keep production costs. What we know is that Sicura SA in 1975 had four watch assembly factories, one case factory and one jewel factory, employed 450 people and produced more than 1 million watches per year. In 1975 almost all the watches in the brochure had mechanical movements and a few had electromechanical - no quartz yet.

As a consequence of the quartz crisis the watch company Breitling suspended operations in 1978, laidoff all workers and sold their assets to the highest bidders - Sinn bought completed / partially completed watches and Ollech & Wajs bought the machinery and unassembled parts. And in April 1979 Ernest Schneider from Sicura signed an agreement with Willy Breitling to buy the right to the names "Breitling" and "Navitimer".

I think Ernest Schneider with Sicura had been better than most to navigate through the turbulent times and the quartz crisis in the 70s. He was a master in adapting and deliver what the consumers wanted, such as large colorful divers with lots of functions. When he saw the opportunity to buy one of the old, well esteemed watch brands this was an opportunity not to be missed.

Ernest Schneider introduced new models and breathed new life into Breitling with success and during a few years the brand Sicura was phased out and Sicura became Breitling. At 29 Nov 1993 Montres Sicura AG officially changed its name to Breitling AG. Ernest Schneider continued as President for Breitling until his death in 2015 at the remarkable age of 94. Ernest' son Theodore Schneider today is the owner and undisputed leader of Breitling...”

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